Quality stone bar counter tops

For countertops, there is simply no better option than stone. Durable, hygienic, beautiful and cost effective Granite, Marble and engineered stones have swarmed the market for one very valid reason, they simply are the best choice. We cut your choice of material to any shape or size you might require and with knowledge gained over many years, not only do we do it the right way but can offer many extravagant ideas that will please the eye and turn a simple counter into a feature in your home.

Numerous Stone Colours and Types to Choose From

With hundreds of different colours, grains and finishes to choose from, a material to compliment your ideas is not that difficult to find. Contrast, grain and colour are usually the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a material to use, what people often do not take into account is the makeup of the stone itself. Some types of granite do not do well in or around water where some types of marble do not do well with heat or engineered stones that do not like direct sunlight? This is where our expertise make the difference. We can assist you in choosing a material that not only suits the look you require but will actually last as well, Making the investment worth its while. Most companies cannot offer this sort of advice as they haven’t been around long enough or do not have the right expertise. Our company is managed by engineers and geochemists, knowing what works and where is our forte.

When considering over-hang distance, joining of material and where the material is to be situated, understanding the attributes of the material is key for longevity and structural integrity. This may all seem very technical but when hanging granite slabs above a fireplace as a feature, cladding staircases with heavy marble or surrounding your pool with smoothly finished granite, the technicalities are of utmost importance.


Crema Marfil off white range

Nougat Quartz

For hard wearing surfaces


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