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Kitchen Counters, our namesake, processing and installing thousands of designer kitchen counter tops under our brand name "Stonenatix" since 1999.
Kitchen Counter tops are not a secondary process in making a kitchen beautiful and practical. In fact, we suggest quite the opposite.
Replacing old formica or wooden tops with stone will not only protect your cupboards from water damage.
They will also add a significant amount of beauty, style and value to your home!
Stone tops are renowned for their longevity, beauty and practicality.

Your existing kitchen may be more manipulable than you might think

As kitchen cupboards have become far more expensive with the increasing price of solid wood, We have often found that older cupboards are of higher quality than newer melamine products.
Our experience in the carpentry and masonry industries also shows that Refurbishing of solid wood cupboards with the addition of granite, marble or quartz tops makes for a very beautiful revamp at a far cheaper price. When selecting tops for a new kitchen, bar, table, etc... Grain and colour of the material are of the main contributing factors.
The relationship between the cupboard and the top will determine the end result.
Although this often boils down to personal preference, re-sale and general design rules should be taken into account. Our professional sales team will be more than happy to help with this.
The way tops are cut in order to fit the design of your kitchen also matters a great deal. Many companies will cut slabs as efficiently as possible in order to get the most useable stone out of a slab, this is by no means the correct way of doing it. Granite and Marble often have grains and colour differences throughout the material, we try to match colours that they correspond on joints that there is not a sudden colour change on a joint. This kind of bad planning will leave an eye sore in the middle of your kitchen and spoil the entire design. Another determining factor is where the pieces are joined, as much as all due effort is put into joining stone as strongly as possible, if tops are joined without the correct support, the joint will eventually crack open and sag. This is quite an obvious display of poor installation and planning which happens far more often than one might think. This often leads to larger or “L-shape” pieces of stone being needed in order to support the top correctly. This might cause a pricing difference but is well worth the money if one considers that it is done correctly and that the tops will not be subjected to strains that might cause them to break or crack. Tops that are supported correctly are immensely strong but the opposite will also leave you wishing it was rather done properly. “Splash-Backs” & “Kick-Plates” are a very popular add-on to kitchen counter installations as they are not only a secondary sealing method to protect cupboards from water damage but also add a sense of symmetry between the tiles and the wall which the cupboards are installed against. They add a very distinct elegance and feel of completion to the installation as well.

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