Stone Art and Concepts

Many things have changed since we first started in 1998, back then we were limited to cutting 2D patterns out of either 20mm, 30mm or 50mm sheets of pre-polished stone slabs then polishing the edges to either a square, slightly round or a very round “Bull-nose” finish. We now offer far more and at accuracies we could only have dreamed of.

Stone a Lasting Investment

Waterfall and facia tops, angled cutting, grooving, double and profiled edging are only the tip of the iceberg. Since the development of engineered quartz and the ability to bend it, we were able to start focusing on our 3D concepts. Bringing a new frontier to what can be achieved with stone. We aim to be the only company that can say “We can do it all, properly!” and mean it. Things that have not yet been done before are an inviting challenge waiting to be conquered. We work with all types of granite, marble, sandstone, slate, engineered quartz, and recycled glass. All of our work is backed up by our “Quality workmanship guarantee” that is certain to leave each of our clients with the security of knowing that the job has been done right.


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Custom Made Stone Basins

Custom Basins and Sinks

Water features made to order

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