Engineered Quartz Surfaces

Since the introduction of Engineered Quartz Surfaces into the industry in the early 2000's the chinese market has had their eye on which colours, grains and sparkles best suit our market in aim of creating their own range at a reasonable price to sell in higher numbers to the average consumer.
Being in the industry for as many years as we have, we have taken the time to investigate this. We came to realise that a very many of our suppliers stock a few of the very same colours under different names. These Engineered Quartz surfaces are highly durable, easy to clean and very hygenic as they are all non-porous.

KC Caramel

KC Caramel R1638.00/LM (R2730/m2)

KC Cream

KC Cream R1638.00/LM (R2730/m2)

KC Crystal

KC Crystal R1638.00/LM (R2730/m2)

KC Grey

KC Grey R1638.00/LM (R2730/m2)

KC Stone

KC Stone R1638.00/LM (R2730/m2)

KC Midnight

KC Midnight R1638.00/LM (R2730/m2)

KC Vanilla

KC Vanilla R1638.00/LM (R2730/m2)

KC White

KC White R2060.00/LM (R3400/m2)

Robust Granite Surfaces

Granite surfaces have long been a prefered choice in countertops, cladding and staircases. This is because it is extremely dense and hard wearing. It also offers a more abstract grain and colour variance than Quartz surfaces. As much as this may be considered a good thing, it will however count against you if you ever decide to add on or change layout as the material will be very difficult to match considering it is a natural product and might vary.
We at KitchenCounters (PTY)Ltd only use A-Grade matrials. This is to ensure that our clients recieve the full KC experience. Too many times have we seen that the little bit of money saved through inferior materials is not worth the massive drop in quality.

KC Mahogany

KC Mahogany R1407.00/LM (R2340/m2)

KC Rustenburg

KC Rustenburg R1407.00/LM (R2340/m2)

KC Sardo

KC Sardo R1407.00/LM (R2340/m2)