Rock Water Features

As a natural product mined from the belly of our earth, most stones do not take badly to water at all, making for very beautiful and long lasting water features, pool surrounds, steps and even submerged ideas. Over the years we have learned about and even helped develop and patent adhesives and sealants used under these conditions.

Different finishes available for a unique look

Having done dozens of water features, pools, Jacuzzis and waterfall edges, we will be able to assist in choosing the right material for the application. There is absolutely no limit to what designs, patterns and ideas can be achieved. Darker granite and marble will also help heat the water and retain the heat far longer than normal making for more pleasurable water temperature.

As used on staircases, “Honed” and “Flamed” finishing is a very popular choice in and around water features, pools and Jacuzzis as they do provide more grip due to the rougher finishing of the material. As described under “Staircases set in stone” Honing is a process in which the stone is slightly sandblasted where flaming is a process where the stone is passed under a very high temperature flame for a short period of time. This causes the outer surface of the stone to splinter off leaving no sharp edges but a beautifully gloss rough surface. There are quite a few more finishes that can be considered as well, like “Leathering” or “Brushed” finishing. Even with rougher finishing, stone has always been magically easy to keep clean and hygienic. Pretty much anything that may settle on the material can simply be wiped or brushed off, often without the use of any chemicals at all.

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