Stone Vanity Tops for Classic Elegance

The benefits of granite, marble and engineered quartz are endless, especially around water. Stone will help seal and protect cupboards from moisture, spilling and splashing. Nine out of ten vanities that are replaced are replaced because of water damage. Tops that are not water proof or sealed correctly will allow damp or leakage of water through to the carcase of the cupboard allowing rot to form. This is firstly very unhygienic and secondly a severe waste of money as replacing cupboards is never cheap, especially when you consider that they are tiled in and removal will also involve a fair amount of plumbing not to mention the price of a new cupboard. Using granite, marble or engineered quartz from the word go, or even upgrading to stone tops is highly suggested as it will save you money downstream, increase the value of your home and looks stunning while doing it. There are also many different types, shapes and sizes of vanity basins to choose from to compliment the design and style of your bathroom. Many shopping centres and beautiful homes even use granite as the basin itself.

Stone Bathroom Cupboards Last a Lifetime

A wall mounted tap that pours straight onto a slanted piece of granite into a gutter effect at the back of the vanity has for many years bean a cost effective and very beautiful design. We have built from single vanities to sixteen basins in a row using this method. This design is also popular for urinals and showers. Underslung basins are also a very popular choice as they are extremely stylish and very neat. Underslung basins are designed to be fitted to the bottom of the surface (counter top) and give the “no basin” effect. Although this might seem odd, it is the meaning of the saying “Less is More”. Floating vanities have certainly become a trend. This type of vanity eliminates the need for a cupboard completely. Floating vanities are constructed using horizontal rods that are drilled then glued into the wall itself. The worktop is the placed on these rods and glued to them. The vanity top is then finished off with an “apron” which is in essence a vertical strip glued along the outer edges of the top to make it look thicker and hide plumbing. Accessories are usually kept in top cupboards and towel racks in a bathroom which makes this idea quite interesting as well as it opens up floor space.

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