Marble Kitchens

Marble has one very distinct advantage over all of the other stones used in kitchens, staircases, bathrooms or bars. It offers the most diverse range of colour, grain and abstract veins, patterns and lines. It simply is the most beautiful stone type in the world. This stone type is more recommended for people who enjoy natural abstract art and appreciate the beauty that comes straight from the earth. As beautiful as marble may be, it too has its failings and some serious ones at that.

Working with Marble

As marble is far less dense than granite, it doesn’t generally form in a sold piece, it usually has holes due to inconsistent density, softer materials are washed out of it when it is mined. These holes are generally filled with a resin based epoxy of the same colour as the slab. Although this might sound very off-putting, it has a large part to play in the beauty of the marble as it accentuates the abstract look of the material. Less dense material such as marble and sandstone are remarkably beautiful but should be used wisely as they tend to wear quickly in high traffic areas and are not as strong as granite or engineered quartz.

Another factor to be considered when using such abstract materials is the joining of tops or cladding. As the material varies so much in colour and lines flow in very arbitrary directions, joining is often seen as untidy as the two edges that are joined together seldom match, even though the material is the same. Some attention can be paid to how the slabs are cut and all due effort focussed on trying to keep like looking edges that join together but this cannot be guaranteed as slabs are generally cut to produce the most efficient amount of pieces and cutting to match edges can be very wasteful.

Marble Countertop

Marble Countertop

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